Issa is Confused-Like

Messiness is still the running theme in Issa’s life

by Icy

Insecure Season 3 is here, finally. Coming into this season it was revealed that our favorite fuck nicca Lawrence was not returning. Issa Rae explains the reason why, “We want to stay as true to life as possible. They had a great conversation at the end of season two and it was just about like, hey, she’s moving on to Daniel, sometimes we have those conversations. You never see the exes again, and it’s okay! You gotta explore life without Lawrence.” She’s right, because we all would love for someone to write our ex out of our lives. The Insecure writers also have the luxury of writing Lawrence back in at anytime — of course the fans would love that drama of Lawrence popping up out of nowhere.

Issa is right where we left her at Daniel’s house, on his couch with a front row seat to hear him blowing his girl’s back out. Pretty sure this was the moment when she really realized “I fucked up coming here.” Apparently, the terms in which she was staying with Daniel was “as a friend”. But of course, she had a problem with his extra-curricular activity. She addressed it to him and he politely reminds her that she’s in his house and this is the arrangement she desired.

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