Kanye West Fall 2012 RTW

Jourdan Dunn

Mr. West debuted his latest collection during Paris Fashion Week. I have come to expect uber-luxury from anything Mr. West does eg: music, video, art, fashion etc. . .  Judge the collection for yourself.

See the collection here.


“Tupac on Trial” [Article by Touré – 1995 Village Voice]



“This [trial] is all about my image, this has nothing to do with me… I’m selling records. This is what I do for a living: I’m selling records. Don’t get it twisted. This is not my real life.”
—Tupac, Monday evening

Riding across the Brooklyn bridge around 9:30 on Thursday morning, the day the verdict in Tupac Shakur’s sodomy trial is delivered, a day after he was shot five times, feels like riding into the front lines of a warzone. Waiting just across the approaching shore are warring generals and soldiers—lawyers and reporters who battle to shape and/or report an event that could stretch on interminably or, end at a moment’s notice—at least one man who is injured and, at the moment, MIA—Tupac—and the gnawing probability, call it tension, that soon, maybe before the day is over, there will be a casualty to report. Tupac’s.

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