Monique Lhuillier Fall 2012 RTW



I must say today was the first I have seen or heard of Miss Lhullier. She started as a Bridal Gown designer in 1996. She with the help of her husband launched her RTW line in 2003. These are very seductive designs, made for the Red Carpet. The collection pays homage to The Year of The Dragon with vibrant red, black and prints in sequins, silks and leather. If you pay attention to the details of the pieces you’ll see the craftsmanship is given the same precision as her bridal gowns.


See the collection here.


“Tupac on Trial” [Article by Touré – 1995 Village Voice]



“This [trial] is all about my image, this has nothing to do with me… I’m selling records. This is what I do for a living: I’m selling records. Don’t get it twisted. This is not my real life.”
—Tupac, Monday evening

Riding across the Brooklyn bridge around 9:30 on Thursday morning, the day the verdict in Tupac Shakur’s sodomy trial is delivered, a day after he was shot five times, feels like riding into the front lines of a warzone. Waiting just across the approaching shore are warring generals and soldiers—lawyers and reporters who battle to shape and/or report an event that could stretch on interminably or, end at a moment’s notice—at least one man who is injured and, at the moment, MIA—Tupac—and the gnawing probability, call it tension, that soon, maybe before the day is over, there will be a casualty to report. Tupac’s.

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Now What?


The NBA has just crowned their champion and on June 30th their CBA will expire. NFL suits are amidst a lengthy lockout that doesnt seem to have a end in the forseeable future. I often see & hear fans lambasting the owners & players for not getting a deal done. I think most fans are selfish because it is a game we lve to watch but this is their livelihood. With 2 of the big 3 sports leagues maybe having lengthy work stoppages this year, fans need to be very patient.